Board Specs More specs coming soon for 125L 140L 7'6 10"6

The Pendleboard has been designed as a pack including the pump, carbon 3-part paddle, 4 side fins and board bag.

From all of our testing and feedback, the board is very stable for its size. In general, our riders say it is as stable as a regular hardboard that is 1 foot longer – this because of the extra volume and width in the nose. The table below is to help select the best size for you – both sizes have same hard tail shape and size, but the nose section is wider and longer on the larger size.

Board Pack includes:

  • 1 x Pendleboard Hardtail Air SUP board:
    8’6″ x 30″ x  4″ ≈ 138 L ≈ 9.8kg  or
    9’6″ x 31″ x 4″ ≈ 158 L ≈ 10.7kg
  • 1 x 3 piece adjustable carbon fibre paddle. The blade and handle are 100% pre-preg carbon fibre, the shaft is 80/20 carbon. ≈ 750g
  • 1 x High volume, high pressure hand pump
  • 4 x Futures plastic fins (The board has a center US fin box for tri fin or single fin setup option)
  • 1 x Board bag with wheels and backpack straps
  • 1 x Repair kit

Bag size is 130 x 80 x 16 cm, same size for 8’6 and 9’6. Total bag weight with everything inside (Board, Paddle, Pump, Fins, Repair Kit): 8’6 around 14 kg and 9’6 around 15 kg.

Easily pack in the bag; board, pump and paddle, leaving you a lot of extra space for your board shorts, wetsuit and leash. For travelling you even have space for extra clothes and personal items avoiding an extra suitcase.

The board can be packed in its bag with its fins on, or the standard Futures fins can be taken off in a few seconds.

The board is equipped with standard US center fin box, so you can put any fins of your choice.

The board is fully pumped up at 15 psi, the maximum pressure you can put in with the pump, the small inflated nose area compared to a full inflatable board allows you to pump in one go taking about 40 to 50 seconds.

The Pump is designed for high volume and high pressure, best on the market from “Bravo”

The 3 part adjustable carbon paddle fits nicely in the bag, is lightweight and high performance. Change its length in a few seconds to fit everyone.






Hardtail Air

ISUP-top2015-11-12 22_56_28-deco-prod-ai.pdf - Adobe ReaderPB-86-top
Performance –
Hard releasing edge for fast paddling and board speedred-crossgreen-tickgreen-tick
 Performance fins for drive, and speed out of turns,red-crossgreen-tickgreen-tick
Performance -TurnsLow volume tail for tight turnsred-crossgreen-tickgreen-tick
 Performance fins – Quad Futures for tight turns and clean
 Hard rails for turns and gripred-crossgreen-tickgreen-tick
 Quick on to the
 Safe in crowdsgreen-tickred-crossgreen-tick
TransportAvoids airline oversize luggage feesgreen-tickred-crossgreen-tick
 Fits inside a car – on the back seat or in the trunkgreen-tickred-crossgreen-tick
 Goes inside an elevator or up a flight of stairsgreen-tickred-crossgreen-tick
 Back pack, wheels or carry handle optionsgreen-tickred-crossgreen-tick
StorageEasy storagegreen-tickred-crossgreen-tick
 Flat pack storage – 16cm thickgreen-tickred-crossgreen-tick
DurabilityRails resistant to paddle damagegreen-tickred-crossgreen-tick
SuitabilitySurfing wavesred-crossgreen-tickgreen-tick
 Use in crowdsgreen-tickred-crossgreen-tick
 Bike skate or walk to the beachgreen-tickred-crossgreen-tick
 Surfing river standing wavesred-crossgreen-tickgreen-tick
 Airline travelgreen-tickred-crossgreen-tick
 Public transportgreen-tickred-crossgreen-tick
 Flatwater paddlinggreen-tickgreen-tickgreen-tick
 Transport in small carsgreen-tickred-crossgreen-tick
 Store in apartment buildingsgreen-tickred-crossgreen-tick
 Surf travelred-crossred-crossgreen-tick