Travel has never been easier


Easy Travel

Recreational paddlers are joining the elite in the option to travel with their paddle board.  Once the domain of the serious Stand Up Paddler only; those people with the determination to tackle foreign countries with hire cars, and roof racks and huge boards to carry around; the people with the money to pay excess baggage fees; the serious paddlers who had to travel with their board; SUP travel has always been a challenge to say the least.

The Pendleboard revolution is bringing SUP travel holidays to the general population.  Airline travel, trains, buses, taxis or even bikes are no problem.  The half epoxy fibreglass and half inflatable boards pack down so small they comfortable fit into the back seat of small cars, into the boot of a sedan, in the cargo hold of a bus or boat, on an airline trolley, or on your back for ride down to the beach.

Inflatable stand up paddle boards have been around for a while, so whats new?  The inflatable SUPs we’ve seen before have all had rounded rails, soft wobbly or flexible fins, and either enormous flex or require enormous volumes of air to inflate.  There is so much pumping involved People actually leave them inflated as much as possible, defeating the purpose of having an inflatable compact board.

Travel Light

Travel Light

The Pendleboards carbon fiber rails have a hard squared edge at the tail so it bites the water and grips the wave.  The surf-industry standard (FCS) fins are set into the epoxy fibreglass.  The fins can be removed for travel or replaced with your favourite set to match your weight and riding style.  Also the small volume of air required to inflate the board means you won’t be exhausted before you even hit the water like full inflatable boards.

The Pendleboard makes SUP travel holidays accessible to every Stand up paddler no matter how dedicated their holiday will be to their surfing.