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The Pendleboard is the first of its kind, a new generation of Paddle Boards that combines a fiberglass / EPS Tail 3’6″ long and an inflatable nose section 5′ and 6′ feet long for the 8’6″ and 9’6″.
The result is a highly compact, high performance SUP surfboard, that deflates and folds up for easy travel and storage.

The board is equipped with standard Futures side fins and US box center fins, so you can put any fin setup of your choice.

The EPS / fiberglass rear end is perfectly shaped for best performance.

The board is fully pumped up at 15 psi, the small inflated nose area compared to a full inflatable board allows you to pump in one go taking about 40 to 50 seconds.

The construction process we have developed for the Pendleboard allows us to have a very precise control over the outline and rocker line of the board, that is not always the case with full inflatable boards.

The short inflated area combined with the rigid rear end gives an overall stiff board with a slight flex that turns out to be an advantage like you would have on a wakeboard, snowboard, or even a skate longboard.

Video clip compilation of riding with the Pendleboard 8’6 and 9’6. Flat water, Waves, Wind SUP.

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Features Comparison

Inflatable Board


Hard Board
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Performance –
Hard releasing edge for fast paddling and board speed red-cross green-tick green-tick
Performance fins for drive, and speed out of turns, red-cross green-tick green-tick
Performance -Turns Low volume tail for tight turns red-cross green-tick green-tick
Performance fins – Quad Futures for tight turns and clean release. red-cross green-tick green-tick
Hard rails for turns and grip red-cross green-tick green-tick
Convenience Compact green-tick red-cross green-tick
Quick on to the water. red-cross green-tick green-tick
Safe in crowds green-tick red-cross green-tick
Transport Avoids airline oversize luggage fees green-tick red-cross green-tick
Fits inside a car – on the back seat or in the trunk green-tick red-cross green-tick
Goes inside an elevator or up a flight of stairs green-tick red-cross green-tick
Back pack, wheels or carry handle options green-tick red-cross green-tick
Storage Easy storage green-tick red-cross green-tick
Flat pack storage – 16cm thick green-tick red-cross green-tick
Durability Rails resistant to paddle damage green-tick red-cross green-tick
Suitability Surfing waves red-cross green-tick green-tick
Use in crowds green-tick red-cross green-tick
Bike skate or walk to the beach green-tick red-cross green-tick
Surfing river standing waves red-cross green-tick green-tick
Airline travel green-tick red-cross green-tick
Public transport green-tick red-cross green-tick
Flatwater paddling green-tick green-tick green-tick
Transport in small cars green-tick red-cross green-tick
Store in apartment buildings green-tick red-cross green-tick
Surf travel red-cross red-cross green-tick



Now the Pendleboard is offering a third category of SUP boards combining the best of both existing inflatable and hard board categories.

Understand the Hardtail Air SUP Concept

The Pendleboard is a high performance board that rides and feels like a normal hardboard, but can fold up and fits in a convenient bag.

You can store it anywhere in your house; carry it as a backpack and ride your bike or skateboard to the water; put it in the trunk of your car or just on the back seat; and it’s easy to carry on the train, bus or plane.

For the first time, this new board category opens up a world of SUP opportunities for the whole family, from beginner to expert riders – no more compromise between the convenient storage of a full inflatable and the performance of a rigid board.

Now the same compact board can be used to have fun and keep fit on lakes, rivers and on the ocean, always keeping the door wide open to the thrill of small and big wave riding.

Safe in crowd, Mario from Le Morne Kite School – Mauritius

All this is with the same board that packs into a backpack bag !

With the Pendleboard, you can have your board with you all the time in your car, and have no excuse taking one hour out of your day to get on the water and regenerate your mind and body.

Outdoor Relaxing, Yoga,  Moments we all need.

Mat Pendle in Mauritius where he lives and invented the Pendleboard Hardtail Air SUP / Windsurf / Surf concept.